NCIIA Provides Venture Mentorship and Training to Winners of Intel Innovators $100K Competition

In partnership with Intel, NCIIA will provide the winners of Intel Innovators with specialized training through a series of one-on-one business strategy development sessions. Through NCIIA’s immersive five-day program, VentureLab, the winning entrepreneurs will learn to identify potential markets for their innovations, and create valuable connections to industry professionals in order to help position them for further investment.

Intel Innovators is a new platform and a nationwide competition on Facebook to discover, empower and award the next generation of young entrepreneurs with the best game-changing technology ideas up to $100,000 every month.

At the beginning of each month, a panel will pick 20 top ideas (see submission guidelines below), which are then put up for a public vote. By month's end, the five entrepreneurs whose ideas earn the most support from voters will be given three minutes to present their idea to an expert panel of judges that includes startup and technology experts from Ron Conway’s SV Angel firm, seed investor Betaworks and Intel Capital. The panel will choose one innovator to be awarded $50,000 and become an Intel Innovator. A top fan will then decide how to award an additional $50,000 — either to the winning innovator or to one of the other four finalists. The process restarts every month.