Elevator Pitch

Dean Chang, University of Maryland
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Elevator Pitch
An Elevator Pitch is an overview of a product, service, project, person or other solution and is designed to just get a conversation started. It should make a meaningful and memorable connection with the audience and give some teasers that will entice people to want to get to know you better to possibly work with you, hire you, admit you to their school, etc.
For next class, prepare a 1-2 minute elevator pitch introducing yourself. 
·      Name
·      What do you want to study?
·      What do you want to do for a career?
·      Why is this course interesting to you?
·      What do you want to get out of this course?
·      Something memorable about you or that you’re particularly proud of
·      Anything else you’d like to add?
·      Did you cover all topics? Use the above as a guideline for what to talk about, but you are encouraged to be creative and use your own format. 
·      Minimize “um”s and “uh”s (how many total?)
·      Were you memorable (in a good way)? A catchy introduction and wrap-up help
·      Make yourself as interesting as possible in those two minutes to help separate you from everyone else and get you admitted, hired, chosen on the team, etc. (and focus on what interests them)
·      Sound confident: eye contact and voice projection
·      Good posture; look comfortable, not awkward; don’t fidget
·      Be bold! Be brash! But don’t be boorish!
Record elevator pitches and post to Vimeo, YouTube, or other site for easy viewing by students. If no Flip or camcorder available, you can even use students’ camera phones to record them. 
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