Teri Reed-Rhoads

Teri Reed-Rhoads is assistant dean of engineering for undergraduate education, associate professor in the School of Engineering Education, and director of the First-Year Engineering Program at Purdue University. She received her BS in petroleum engineering from the University of Oklahoma and spent seven years in the petroleum industry, during which time she earned her MBA. She subsequently received her PhD in industrial engineering from Arizona State University. Dr. Reed-Rhoads’ teaching interests include statistics, interdisciplinary and introductory engineering, diversity and leadership. Her research interests include statistics education, concept inventory development, assessment/evaluation of learning and programs, recruitment and retention, diversity, and equity. She has received funding from the National Science Foundation, Department of Education, various foundations, and industry. Professor Reed-Rhoads is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education, the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers. She serves as an ABET EAC evaluator for ASEE.