Sadan Kulturel-Konak

Sadan Kulturel-Konak is currently an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and the coordinator of Engineering Entrepreneurship at Penn State Berks, which she joined in 2003. Dr. Kulturel teaches courses on management information systems, project management, business statistics and entrepreneurship leadership. Dr. Kulturel's research interests are in modeling and optimization of complex systems and robustness under uncertainty. She uses exact solution methods such as mixed integer programming (MIP) as well as metaheuristic techniques such as Tabu Search, Genetic Algorithms, and Ant Colony Approaches with applications to facility layout, reliability, scheduling, telecommunications, etc. Dr. Kulturel's other research interests consist of women in information systems and engineering, and teaching and learning with virtual teams. She received her degrees in industrial engineering: B.S. from Gazi University, Turkey, M.S. from Middle East Technical University, Turkey and from the University of Pittsburgh, and Ph.D. from Auburn University.