Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is an assistant professor of engineering at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. In addition to his traditional research interests in nondestructive evaluation of reinforced concrete, Jeff is also engaged in research investigating the sustainability of technology transfer at the grassroots/community level. Jeff is the faculty adviser of the Hope College student chapter of Engineers Without Borders - USA, and prior to obtaining his PhD in civil engineering from the University of Florida he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania.


Jeff Brown has applied for and been awarded 1 grant

  • Improving Drinking Water Quality for Rural Villages in Africa: A Pedagogy for Empowerment

    Began May, 2007 and ended December, 2008

    This research seeks to develop an educational framework for training motivated entrepreneurs and NGOs in the effective construction, use and promotion of Manz Biosand Filters. This existing point-of-use filtration technology has shown potential for improving drinking water quality in resource-scarce environments. What is still needed, however, is a model for effective engagement in underdeveloped communities that will result in empowerment rather than reliance. The technology required to address the issue of poor drinking water quality exists, but the means through which this technology can be transferred to communities in need is not well understood. The result of this research will be a series of appropriate activities that impart the knowledge and skill required to initiate and sustain a drinking water project from within a community.

    With the team:

    • Mrs. Amanda Barton Assistant Professor of Nursing, Nursing, Hope College
    • Mrs. Tracey Nally Director of Federal Grant Programs, Division of Natural Sciences, Hope College
    • Jeff Brown
    • Dr. John Krupczak Chair, Engineering, Hope College
    • Dr. Susan Cherup Professor, Education, Hope College
    • Dr. John Krupczak Associate Professor, Engineering, Hope College