Douglas Arion

Douglas Arion is the Hedberg Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, Professor of Physics, and creator of the Entrepreneurial Studies in Natural Science Program at Carthage. He is also on staff at the Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation in Racine, a technology business incubator, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship education center.


Douglas Arion has applied for and been awarded 2 grants

  • Entrepreneurship Across the Curriculum

    Began May, 2003 and ended May, 2004

    Carthage College proposes to begin implementation of a four-year entrepreneurship/career development curriculum, using plans developed under prior NCIIA funding. The two phases to be completed under the proposed effort are the (a) introduction of two freshman-level courses to introduce students to technology entrepreneurship and careers and (b) revision of the senior-level business plan courses to accomodate a larger number of more diverse projects by integrating courses from business and entrepreneurial studies in a team-taught format. These activities will significantly increase the number of students involved in entrepreneurship, and result in more e-teams and business development activities.

    With the team:

    • Douglas Arion
    • William Abt Vice President for Finance, Carthage College
  • Carthage College

    Began November, 2005 and ended November, 2006

    Carthage College proposes to form a team consisting of Dr. Douglas Arion, Hedberg Prof. of Entrepreneurial Studies, Dr. Tom Groleau, Chair, Dept. of Business, Mr. Matt Wagner, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation, and Ms. Deb Hartfield, Manager of R&D Training, Abbott Laboratories, to update and implement the curriculum of the ScienceWorks Entrepreneurial Studies Program. The new program will involve a much broader segment of our science student body, involve faculty from several departments, and better integrate the study of entrepreneurship into the overall Carthage curricular experience. Our specific goals are to: (1) implement a four-year entrepreneurship (2) leverage current knowledge in student development to implement a program that is developmentally appropriate; (3) further integrate entrepreneurship into the science major programs by optimizing courses and activities to attract and retain more students; (4) modify the existing business major into an entrepreneurial technology business curriculum; and (5) develop the administrative structures to meet the needs of a greater portion of the student body. Support from the KEEN program will allow us to address issues of identifying and incorporating appropriate curricular content, assessing and developing program delivery mechanisms, developing and implementing administrative structures for the integration of experiential learning both on- and off-campus, developing a staffing plan appropriate to entrepreneurship education, and creating and implementing a professional development process to prepare faculty and partner organizations to best deliver the program to our students.

    With the team:

    • William Abt Vice President, Administration, Carthage College
    • Douglas Arion