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Palin, Gary

Gary Palin is the executive director of the NC State University College of Management Entrepreneurship Education Initiative and a faculty member of the Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He brings a combination of thirty years experience in both the academic and business communities. Palin’s areas of expertise include new venture development, social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and venture growth. He has served as director of NC State University’s Small Business Technology and Development Center where he assisted hundreds of business launches, expansions, and acquisitions. Palin serves on a number of high-growth company advisory boards and is currently involved in several business development projects.

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Patel, Nilesh

Nilesh Patel is CTO of Atreo Medical Inc. and has significant experience in prototype design and software-hardware interfaces. He is well-acquainted with a number of software suites for the development of printed circuit boards and the programming of electronic devices. He also has financial management experience, having been the financial officer of the Biomedical Engineering Society at McMaster University. Patel is currently completing his final year of biomedical engineering at McMaster.

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Patitsas, Demetri

Demetri Patitsas, a graduate at Juniata College, made the transition to entrepreneurship upon introduction to the Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Since then, he has been the successful business owner and founder of Absolute Creo LLC Ice Cream Truck Service; the co-founder of St. Paul’s Fellowship of Labor, a non-profit organization that provides labor for Orthodox monastic communities and parishes throughout North America; owner and instructor of a salsa dance business, The Bungaloo; and continues to share his experiences and insight with students, youth, and adults throughout the US. He continues to experiment with ventures in digital media, world touring, and was the recipient of The Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneurial Success Award, the SBDC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, was recognized as the National Federation of Independent Businesses’ Plan for the Future competition winner as well as One of Four Under Forty successful entrepreneurs by PaBusinessCentral newspaper. Patitsas currently volunteers in Guatemala, serving as El Colegio Migual Angel Asturias' Social Enterprise Generator.
Paulsen, Melissa

Melissa Paulsen has been with the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies since 2004. As program manager for social entrepreneurship and the university's MicroEntrepreneurship Certificate offering, she is the resident expert in these areas. Melissa was the key architect in implementing Notre Dame's groundbreaking MicroEntrepreneurship Certificate Program, and is presently authoring what is expected to be the primer for other colleges and universities to implement their own curricula and programs in MicroEntrepreneurship. (This primer will provide the outline for this session.) Melissa holds a Bachelor's Degree from Assumption College in Worcester, MA and a Masters in non-profit administration from the University of Notre Dame.

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Pearce, Joshua

Joshua Pearce is an assistant professor of physics at the Clarion University of Pennsylvania where he coordinates the nanotechnology program and the sustainability science and policy minor. His primary research concentration is in electronic device physics of solar photovoltaic cells and materials physics of hydrogenated amorphous silicon. His research interests also include applied sustainability (both in the US and in developing countries), service learning, and environmental stewardship at the university level. Dr. Pearce received his PhD in materials (engineering option) with a minor in science, technology and society from the Pennsylvania State University. He also has two BS degrees from Penn State in physics and chemistry along with a minor in mathematics. In addition, he is the manuscript editor for the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering.

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Polak, Paul

Polak’s focus is on “design for the other 90%”, building technologies that help half of the world’s population, the 3 billion people who live on less than $2 a day. He points out that “90% of designers work for the richest 10% of the world’s customers”. This is a “silly ratio”, one that Polak has dedicated his life to changing. He’s been working for more than twenty years on International Development Enterprises, looking to assist the world’s small farmers, people who farm an acre or less, living on two dollars or less a day.

Popp, Richard

Richard L. Popp is professor of medicine (emeritus) and director of the Section on Ethics and Policy in the Biodesign Program at Stanford University. He was a clinical cardiologist for over thirty-five years and was senior associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Medicine from 1995 to 2000. He has authored over 280 publications and has been a pioneer in the development of ultrasound in cardiology. He was president of the American College of Cardiology 1997-98, president of the American Society of Echocardiography and the Association of University Cardiologists, and chairman of the American Board of Internal Medicine’s Cardiovascular Diseases Subspecialty Board. He has been called back to active duty at Stanford and chairs the School of Medicine Conflict of Interest Committee. Since retirement from the full-time faculty, he has been a Venture Partner with Advanced Technology Ventures of Palo Alto, CA and Waltham, MA.

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Porter, Thomas

Tom Porter, NCIIA Treasurer & Business Development Manager, has a deep background in entrepreneurial venture start-up planning, launch and operational management. Tom’s primary focus has been in the uses of technology to advance and transform media industry and higher education offerings, and he has particular expertise in development of processes for new venture concept evaluation, research, testing, launch and roll-out. He has handled key strategic roles with Verisign Ventures, Discovery Channel Enterprises, Tech TV, and College Parents of America, and has also assisted a number of universities with technology transfer strategy.

Powell, Erin

Erin Powell is a research assistant employed by the Textiles Extension Education for Economic Development Department located at the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. Her responsibilities include program development for the North Carolina textile industry, focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, and new product development. She is also a PhD student in the Textiles Technology and Management curriculum also in the College of Textiles at North Carolina State, concentrating in research on the pedagogy of entrepreneurship and applications within the industry. From the College of Textiles, Ms. Powell received her Bachelors of Science degree in textile technology with a concentration in polymer chemistry in 2002. She then earned her Masters of Science degree in textile technology and management with a minor in business administration in 2004. From there she worked in the textiles industry with major corporations, gaining experience in the areas of supply chain management, capacity planning, forecast analysis, and inventory management. She earned Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean certifications through successful projects while employed with Russell Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia.
Pratt, Jon

Jon Pratt received his BA in physics in 1976 from Centenary College. He completed his PhD in finance at the University of Arkansas in 1986. Dr. Pratt has thirty years experience in banking, investments, and small business. He has been involved in the ventures in agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, and real estate development. In addition to his commercial interests, Dr. Pratt is employed by Louisiana Tech University as director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. At the center, he works to foster collaboration between multidisciplinary groups of faculty, students, and commercial interests in Louisiana to encourage new business creation. Dr. Pratt was recognized as Louisiana’s University Technology Leader in 2003. He teaches several of the university’s innovative entrepreneurship courses, including New Ventures and Innovative Venture Research, emphasizing technology commercialization.

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Prestero, Timothy

Timothy Prestero is the founder and CEO of Design that Matters (DtM), a 501c3 nonprofit based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. DtM collaborates with social entrepreneurs to help them offer better services to the poor in developing countries. DtM's design service involves a collaborative process by which students and faculty at schools like MIT and Stanford, along with volunteer professionals from companies like IDEO and SolidWorks, design new tools to improve healthcare and education in Africa and Asia. Prestero is co-inventor on three patents for cholera treatment devices. He is a graduate of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering, holding MS degrees in mechanical and oceanographic engineering, and a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Davis. Timothy was a Peace Corps volunteer in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa in the Urban Environmental Management program, where he worked as a consulting engineer and project manager for a city public works department. He has traveled throughout West Africa, Latin America, and Asia. He is fluent in French. He is a Martin Fellow at the MIT Laboratory for Energy and the Environment, and was named an Ashoka Affiliate in 2004.

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Price, Courtney

Courtney Price, an entrepreneur for thirty years, founded VentureQuest, utilizing her experience to lead high-growth organizations toward new and higher revenue streams. She helps them capitalize on developing people, market opportunities, and commercializing technology. VentureQuest works with high growth companies, federal laboratories, and universities worldwide to better commercialize and extract value from innovation. In the 1990s, Price founded the Entrepreneurial Education Foundation in Kansas City and co-founded FastTrac, which was selected as the best materials for entrepreneurship training in the US. Her innovation and entrepreneurship and commercialization programs have been utilized by more than 200,000 professionals worldwide. Price was the first Scholar-in-Residence at The Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurship. She is internationally recognized in mentoring and executive development. Her weekly column, Entrepreneurs Ask, for Scripps Howard, appeared in more than 350 newspapers. She has written more than ten books on entrepreneurship, corporate venturing, and innovation.
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