A New Course on ‘Sustainability Entrepreneurship’
Anuradha Basu, Asbjorn Osland, and Michael Solt
College of Business
San Jose State University

Entrepreneurship typically focuses on identifying opportunities for creating value for customers or users that will ultimately yield a profit for the founders and investors. Entrepreneurship courses and texts share this focus.  Sustainability entrepreneurship takes a slightly different perspective by emphasizing an additional goal of promoting environmental sustainability and social equity. From an entrepreneurial perspective, such an emphasis presents opportunities in the form of innovative products, services, and production processes that alleviate social or environmental problems, make more efficient use of energy and natural resources, and harness renewable resources that save costs, lower risks, and are less harmful to society in the long-run. At present, there is no suitable text on the subject. This paper proposes a framework, learning objectives, course outline, and content for a ‘Sustainability Entrepreneurship’ course for graduate and undergraduate students.

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