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Arion, Douglas N, Carthage College, Matthew Wagner, Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation

Leveraging Late-Stage Industrial Intellectual Property for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

Austin, Diane University of Arizona; Irma Fragoso and Arturo Frayre, Instituto Tecnológico de Nogales

Exploring Interdisciplinary Binational Partnerships for Innovation and Implementation

Barnes, William, Chris Lambert, Nick McCormick, and Andrew O’Keefe, University of Portland

Sustainable Fuels: Lessons from an Algal Biodiesel Student Project

Basu, Anuradha, Asbjorn Osland, and Michael Solt, San Jose State University

A New Course on Sustainability Entrepreneurship

Assessing Entrepreneurial Intentions Amongst Students: A Comparative Study (with Meghna Virick)

Bradley, Walter, Anne Grinols, Glenn Blalock, William Jordan, Greg Leman, and Cindy Fry
Baylor University

Incorporating Global Entrepreneurship Courses Into an Engineering Curriculum

Clement, Nancy I and Edward J. Coyle, Purdue University

The Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

DeMartino, Richard, E. Phillip Saunders College of Business, Rochester Institute of Technology; Chance Glenn, Sr., Electrical, Computing and Telecommunications
Engineering Technology, College of Applied Science and Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology; Carl Lundgren, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
College of Applied Science and TechnologyRochester Institute of Technology

Creating and Using Embedded Case Studies in Discipline-specific Courses to Promote Innovation, Invention and Entrepreneurship

Edwards, Evan T, Intelliject, LLC

The Importance of Utilizing Human Factors Engineering in Developing Biomedical Innovation

Gibson, David, University of Vermont

A New Technology and Approach for Engaging Self-directed K12 Students in International STEM Learning

High, Karen, Brad Sewell, Rebecca Damron, Oklahoma State University

Freshman Entrepreneurship Student Critical Thinking Enhancement through Paired Engineering and English Composition Courses

High, Martin, S, Oklahoma State University

Joint Inventorship and Ownership in Student Team Projects

Jawaharlal, Melissa, Sophia Chung, Philip Jia, Lisa Park and Grace (Yu) Qi, Troy High School, Fullerton, CA

Coconut Tree Climbing Device

Kelley, Benjamin S, Baylor University, David B. Dittenber, Steven R. Ayers, and Roger V. Gonzalez, LeTourneau University, Jay R. Goldberg, Marquette University, Robert Malkin, Duke University

Innovative Biomedical Design Competitions and Scenarios Exploring Underserved Populations

Kurihara, Christine, John H. Linehan, and Paul G. Yock, Stanford University

International Initiatives of Stanford University’s Biodesign Program

Kussmaul, Clifton, Muhlenberg College

Supporting Teams with Open Source Software Tools

Loewy, Andy F, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Teaching Design Innovation: Methods for Promoting Innovation in the University Industrial Design Studio

Mehalik, Matthew M, Michael Lovell, Larry Shuman, University of Pittsburgh

Product Realization for Global Opportunities: Learning Collaborative Design in an International Setting

Mehta, Khanjan, The Pennsylvania State University

Lessons from the Field: Setting up a Windmill Based Business in Rural Kenya

Morris, Jason A, Western Washington University

Facilitating Creativity by Making Function Follow Form

O'Grady, James K, The University of Calgary

Wicked Problems? Wicked Answers! Initiating Innovative Culture In Organizations

Pearce, Joshua M, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Lonny Grafman, Humboldt State University, Thomas Colledge, Penn State University, Ryan Legg, Cornell University

Leveraging Information Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, and Global Collaboration for Just Sustainable Development

Popp Richard L, Paul G. Yock, Stanford University

Ethical Issues in Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Pratt, Jon D, Dave N. Norris, Jr., and Laura E. Marler, Louisiana Tech University

Research Frontiers for the Creative Class

Rayess, Nassif E, Jonathan Weaver, and Leo Hanifin, The University of Detroit Mercy

Interdisciplinary Design, Entrepreneurship and Service (IDEAS) Course

Roldan, Malu, San Jose State University

Innovation Conversations via Social Media

Skinner, Frank, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Engineering Innovation—Successful Products and Student Employment!

Tagg, Randall and Arlen Meyers, University of Colorado at Denver

Prototyping for Everyone: Rapid Assimilation of Skills & Tools for the Creation of Physical Prototypes

Weaver, Jonathan Weaver and Nassif E. Rayess, University of Detroit Mercy

Technical Entrepreneurship Case Studies at the University of Detroit Mercy

Supplemental Materials
Clement, Nancy
2006 National Idea to Product Competition for EPICS and Social Entrepreneurship survey
Clement, Nancy
EPICS Intellectual Property Guidelines
Gibson, David
The Global Challenge PowerPoint presentation
Ibeh, Christopher
Creativity By Design: CNCMM's RE3AD Program
Kelley, Benjamin
Supplemental design scenarios
Laffitte, Bryan
Supplemental illustration
Popp, Richard



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